Price announces intention to stand again

Current sitting councillor, Selwyn Price, is the latest of the current councillors to confirm his intention to stand again at this year’s elections.

In a statement, released on Sunday afternoon, Price stated that he had been gauging the community response to his performance on council during his first term.

He said he had been heartened by the positive reaction from a range of community groups and individuals.

“Many people have approached me to let me know that they’d like to see me back on council, including a number who didn’t vote for me last time around,” he said.

During this current term of council, Price was promoted to the position of deputy chairman of the Service Delivery subcommittee, which oversees around 80 per cent of all council expenditure annually.

“It encompasses a full range of our essential services, and I believe my detailed knowledge in this area will be invaluable going forward.”

He strongly advocates for council to listen to the community when making decisions that will impact them, and has been a passionate voice for consultation.

To this end he has met face-to-face and communicated with the community online, attending close to four hundred events each year as a councillor, and posting daily on his dedicated Facebook page.

“I was never going to be the type of councillor who was seen a month before the elections and then disappeared from view.”

Price joins Leen Braam (also standing for mayor), Lynette Lovett, Mark Malcolm, Stuart Wilson, Liz McMillan, Diane Rawlinson and Thelma Bell from the current crop to seek re-election.

Peter Reveley and Alasdair Urquhart are not seeking re-election, while current sitting deputy mayor Neil Brown and Russell Ellis are yet to make public their final decision.



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