Does anybody have good book recommendations on social anxiety enhanced by PTSD?

Hey guys. I got PTSD at the begginning of the year then started last semester. It went horribly and I ended up dropping all of my classes, except for yoga, mostly due to incredibly awkward situation. My anxiety made me focus on the people adjacent to me instead of the content. My depression was so bad that if I applied myself I couldn't learn very much. I also had lousy study habits.

This year I will do a lot better. My schedule will consist of fun classes. Today, at the college, I noticed I'm able to handle the pressure of social interactions. I have a daily reading habit and respect my inner voice of responsibility most of the time.

How I experience social anxiety. I'm always aware if I'm in the line of sight of somebody. I used to twitch and still do weekly. I have to squeeze my thumb against my index finger or bite my cheeks so I don't twitch. So if yall have any good recommendations for my situation I would love to read those books.

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